Reverse Engineering

We offer you our obsolescence management solutions via  reverse engineering. Reverse engineering enables us to  design  and  manufacture  the obsolete parts identically.

We undertake new studies and create a validation and qualification file. We test these redesigned parts with (series, fatigue, etc.) tests that must demonstrate that their performance is at least equivalent to that of the  original parts.

Obsolescence management

 One distinctive characteristic of the rail transport industry is that it hasfairly long life cycles of up to 40 years or more. This long service life leads to obsolescence issues. These can be of a technical nature (the technology of the original era is no longer available) or of a commercial nature (the manufacturer has decided, after a few decades, to no longer manufacture a part for strategic reasons, or even the disappearance of the original supplier).

Kitting, from standard kits to custom kits

All players in the public “rail” (trams and trains) transport sector today know us not only as a spare parts distributor but also, and above all, as a service provider. These services cover component maintenance and rail system needs (compressors, sandboxes, gearboxes, reducers, etc.).  

Maintenance of components and/or systems

More than a spare parts distributor, a maintenance solutions provider.

While we are well known as a leading partner in the distribution of spare parts for rail transport rolling stock, we are also known as a global maintenance solutions provider. 

Logistics services

Need complete logistics management  on site ? Our response is “we’re here”!

Our strong sense of service is what drives us forward in the management of your entire  supply chain on your behalf and on your site.

Transpure, active disinfection solution

Reassure your customers with TRANSPURE, guaranteeing them a safe trip, because you cannot put a price on health!

In order to deal with the current health situation, TRAMOBUS (CBM Group) is constantly looking for innovative ways of improving the daily lives of millions of public transport passengers.