Maintenance of components and/or systems


More than a spare parts distributor, a maintenance solutions provider.

While we are well known as a leading partner in the distribution of spare parts for rail transport rolling stock, we are also known as a global maintenance solutions provider. 

Specifically, we take care of the maintenance of components and systems for major accounts such as the French public transport operator, RATP. Our services range from the servicing and maintenance of air compressor systems, sandbox systems and geared motors to major bogie overhauls. Today, we are in charge of managing the repair of all electronic systems and train powertrains. The size of our range of spare parts and our sound knowledge of the rail transport sector is the reason our customers also come to us for maintenance outside of rolling stock, such as the general overhaul of landing doors and the major overhaul of automatic underground train platform fronts. 

Finally, at the request of two public transport networks, we worked together with a designer to completely overhaul the interior design of tram trainsets. For this project, not only did we supply all the parts, but we also took care of the installation and furnishing: seats, interior side panels, flooring, handrails, etc.   

Other services we offer

In addition to the spot supply of parts, TRAMOBUS has the capacity to take charge of your entire maintenance needs supply chain, up to and including on-site management of customers’ warehouses.