Obsolescence management

Develop innovative solutions

One distinctive characteristic of the rail transport industry is its long life cycles of up to 40 years or more. This long service life leads to obsolescence issues. These can be of a technical nature (the technology of the original era is no longer available) or of a commercial nature (the manufacturer has decided, after a few decades, to no longer manufacture a part for strategic reasons, or even the disappearance of the original supplier).

TRAMOBUS takes care of finding equivalent "Form-Fit and Function" solutions or designing a new part if at all possible!

Our capacity to come up with innovative solutions goes even further, as evidenced by Transpure®, ournew on-board technology that is adaptable to all types of rolling stock. This innovation promotes active and continuous disinfection, while respecting the environment. The technology, which reproduces the natural process of photocatalysis, can destroy up to 99% of the microbial population present on the surfaces and in the air of rolling stock.               

Other services we offer

In addition to the spot supply of parts, TRAMOBUS has the capacity to take charge of your entire maintenance needs supply chain, up to and including on-site management of customers’ warehouses.