Kitting supplier

Kitting, from standard kits to customised kits

All players in the public “rail” (trams and trains) transport sector today know us not only as a spare parts distributor but also, and above all, as a service provider. These services cover component maintenance and rail system needs (compressors, sandboxes, gearboxes, reducers, etc.).    

And for this purpose, we design and distribute various kits that enable us to carry out the most important maintenance operations, from 15,000km to 1.2 million km overhauls.

Our range currently numbers 400 kits, including, for example, the VP kit (Preventive Inspection) 600-019, the ball joint - connecting rod repair kit, the wheel tyre kit, the anti-roll kit, the bogie kit, the suspension kit, the lubrication kit, the wiring kit, the air conditioning kit, etc.    

In order to best match your expectations, we offer two possible approaches: the first is to successfully meet your needs through this range of existing kits; the second involves the co-construction and development of customised kits, following a study of your specific maintenance requirements. 

Our ability to adapt to a particular request makes all the difference.  

Other services we offer

In addition to the spot supply of parts, TRAMOBUS has the capacity to take charge of your entire maintenance needs supply chain, up to and including on-site management of customers’ warehouses.