Logistics services

Need complete logistics management on site? Our response is “we’re here”!

Our strong sense of service is what drives us forward in the management of your entire supply chain on your behalf and on your site.

For example, we can undertake the entire management of your warehouse and logistics, thanks to our centralised warehouse. In concrete terms, one or more of our employees, “seconded” to you, will take charge of: 

  • the management of incoming and outgoing items (placing orders and receiving goods)
  • forecasting (anticipating needs)
  • supplier management
  • inventory management and restocking
  • distribution to workshops
  • just in time
  • funding of inventories
  • kitting
  • procurement and supply   

Other services we offer

In addition to the spot supply of parts, TRAMOBUS has the capacity to take charge of your entire maintenance needs supply chain, up to and including on-site management of customers’ warehouses.